Alternatives to Acrylic Nails with Their Pros: Acrylic nails are one of the most traditional forms of nail extensions. They not only give a glossy and shiny look to our nails but also are durable and last longer than any other nail form.

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But Acrylic Nails do offer a lot of downsides similar as they are very tedious to apply (Especially getting the correct liquid to greasepaint rate), they are costly, and a lot of harsh chemicals are used while making, applying as well as removing them (similar to monomers, nail manuals, and dehydrators) Not suited for individuals who have veritably thin weak nails – (Both when applying and removing acrylic nails tend to damage your nail plates).


These downsides are why some individualities are sluggishly moving down from using such nails. And thankfully there are other great backups that are indeed better. So, in this composition, Let’s explore the stylish druthers that you can use rather than acrylic nails.

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4 Best Alternatives to Acrylic Nails with Their Pros

  1. Gel nail extensions: –

Gel nail Extensions work as an impressive substitute for acrylic nails and in numerous ways, they are a lot better. This is because gel extensions are much easier to apply for utmost individuals and tend to be more long-continuing and durable. Gel Extensions tend to look and feel better than acrylic nails because they are lighter and give the nails a more natural appearance.

The main difference between acrylic nail extensions and Gel nail Extensions is that they both use a lot of different ingredients and are cured in different ways. The Application of acrylic nails uses a polymer powder and is cured and settled using a liquid monomer. Whilst Gel Extensions use a very thick UV gel that needs either a UV or a Led lamp to cure.

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Pros of Gel nails: –

Gel nails are safer for the hands as they do not use harsh chemicals like acrylic nails and are lighter in weight the application process of acrylic nails creates no harsh fumes or stingy or toxic odor. They are quicker to apply and easier to take off and give the nails a more authentic and natural look to the nails.

  1. Dip Powder

Dip Powder also generally referred to as SNS is a manicure system that one can use as a volition to acrylic nails. The Dip Powder Systems works by dipping or brushing the nails in a veritably fine-colored grease paint and also applying a clear sealant on top to seal it off.

They are generally used to make simple manicures but with the use of nail tips, they can be used to create nail extensions, and dip powder cannot be used with nail forms.

Pros of Dip nails: –

Dip powders are very easy to apply and they don’t use harsh and harmful chemicals like acrylics, they do not require UV rays or LED light to settle and cure. They are very durable and don’t even produce any foul smell.

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  1. Gel Nail Polishes

Gel Nail Polishes are also a great cover for acrylics, they’re just as durable and look just as good. But they’re cheaper, easier to apply, and gentler on the nails. Now by using nail tips one can fluently use gel polishes to add an extension to your nails but it won’t be as durable as acrylic nails or using a builder gel. Gel Polishes are just like regular nail polishes except they’re more durable and are cured using either a UV or Led Beacon. They can last roughly 3 weeks without shelling and dicing.

Pros of Gel Nail Polishes: –

There are many budget-friendly brands available in the market for gel nail polishes and they are very easy to apply to give the nails a very natural and stunning look. They can be taken off very easily making it easier for the user to apply and take them off at home.

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  1. Press on Nails: –

Press On Nails is false nails that can be applied directly onto the nails using nail glue. These nails can fluently be pasted onto the natural nails and within twinkles, you can have an astonishingly designed manicure.

Pros of Press on Nails: –

They are very affordable and can be reused. They are very useful for someone who is having an allergy to chemical formulas as they do not use harsh chemicals.

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Although acrylic nails, the most common type of nail extensions, provide the nails a fascinating appearance, there are a number of drawbacks that must be taken into consideration prior to applying them. There are numerous other available substitutes on the market that one can easily use and apply to their nails without weakening the natural ones to avoid these negative effects and protect their nails from the chemical formula of acrylic nails. to Acrylic Nails with Their Pros: Acrylic nails are one of the most traditional forms of nail extensions. They not only give a glossy and shiny look to our nails but also are durable and last longer than any other nail form. Also See: How To Take Care Of...Care For Nails