How To Repair A Broken Nail: Shattered nails – Do you not just despise them? They can have your long, lovely nail trim destroyed in a brief moment. However, what if we informed you that they could be fixed? Your manicure need not be cut up by broken nails! We have the easiest and best ways to fix a broken nail almost anywhere, from permanent to temporary options.

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Things to Know

  1. To seamlessly patch a break or tear, glue a small strip from a tea bag or nail silk wrap to your nail.
  2. For a quick fix while you’re out and about, wrap a piece of clear tape around your broken nail.
  3. Use fake nails to conceal a wrecked nail without forfeiting your nail treatment.

7 Tips to Repair A Broken Nail: No Need of Experts

  1. First, try using tea bags.

The ideal DIY patch job calls for a small strip of tea bag and super glue. Remove the tea bag’s contents, unfold the wrapper, and cut a small strip about the same width as the break. Then, apply super paste or nail paste to the break. Using tweezers, press the tea bag strip down onto the glue. You are finished when you buff the strip with a nail file and wait for it to dry before painting your nails as usual

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  1. Apply nail stick.

Use nail glue and a top coat to fix a small tear in your nail. Smooth the nail with a toothpick after applying nail glue to the damaged nail. Press your nail into place as though the break wasn’t there. To allow the glue to dry, hold it in place for at least a minute. Apply a top coat, smooth the repaired area with a nail file, and you’re ready to go!

  1. Cover the nail with silk.

A low-cost nail silk wrap can repair broken nails. You can pick up a pack of nail silk wraps from a drug store or online. After that, buff your broken nail with care to remove any rough edges. Apply nail glue to the break right away. Trim a nail silk to the size of your break, strip off the support, and take advantage of your nail. Remove any excess glue and apply a second layer of glue. Apply a strengthening base coat and color to finish your manicure. The silk wrap will expand with your nail, assisting you in maintaining its length.


  1. Dip powder will make your nails stronger.

Dip your nail in fill powder for larger tears. Your natural nail gains strength from dip or fill powder. Use a thin coat of nail glue to reattach your broken nail. After that, buff your entire nail with a nail file with care. Dip a dip bond into the fill powder and apply it to the upper third of the nail. Cover the entire nail with a second layer of bond and fill powder. Apply a coat of dip protective seal to complete your repair. Using a dusting brush, remove any excess powder from between each layer.

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  1. Put on fake nails.

A set of press-on nails can conceal flaws and tears. In the event that your nail tumbles off totally, don’t perspire it! To disguise one nail’s shorter length, remove your nail polish and glue artificial nails on. This is definitely not an extremely durable fix, however it can give you a more extended nail treatment while you trust that your nail will develop.

Before you put on your fake nails, gently push your cuticles back after you get out of the shower.[4] Never cut your cuticles, as this could cause an infection.

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  1. Tape the nail together – This will help your nails last longer.

Clear tape can be used as a temporary fix without glue. Use scissors to manage a little piece of clear tape the size of the break. Using tweezers, place the tape on the break and cut off any excess. If you break your nail at work or in class and only have tape nearby, you can use your fingers to wrap the tape around your nail. Because nail polish won’t stick to the tape, peel it off and try a more long-lasting solution for a manicure that lasts.

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  1. File or trim the nail.

When all other options have been exhausted, trim your other nails to match the length of the broken nail. It’s okay if some nails are too damaged to fix! Avoid the paste and abbreviate your general nail treatment by cutting or documenting your nails so they’re all uniform. If just one nail breaks, no one will be able to tell. If you have short nails, use nail polish that is dark, muted, or neutral in color. Protect and encourage the growth of your natural nails with a strengthening base coat. Avoid biting or tearing off your nails because doing so can weaken and damage them.

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As your nails grow out, the majority of split nails will heal over time. Avoid putting moisture on your nails and think about using a nail hardening solution if you frequently split your nails. Consult your doctor about possible treatments if your split nails frequently cause you discomfort.

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